DIOR Haute CoutureChristian Dior/весна-лето 2013/

Christian Dior/весна-лето 2013 модная коллекция одежды

"Dolce e Gabbana" Spring Summer 2013 Milan full show Pret a Porter

"Dolce e Gabbana" Spring Summer 2013 Milan full show Pret a Porter

Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2013 full womenswear runway collection


"Dolce e Gabbana" Spring Summer 2013 Milan full show 
Pret a Porter Woman  by FashionChannel

Sicilian pupi, carts and ceramics from Caltagirone. 
Welcome to Dolce & Gabbana's.

 The trip through Sicily starts from Taormina, along the cost,
 amidst the rows of beach umbrellas punctuating the seashore 
to continue with religious processions, town feasts and small 
traditional handicraft stores selling bobbin lace, puppets and 
wicker baskets.
With Domenico Modugno's Meraviglioso playing in the 
background, the collection is a celebration of life, colours, 
cheerfulness but most of all of traditional handicrafts and 

The show opens with striped dresses, raffia top and full skirts, 
straw dresses with coral embroideries and closes 
with a growing crescendo of sculpted wicker bustier dresses.


 "Chanel" Full Show Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Paris 
 by FashionChannel...

 "CHANEL" Full Show Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Paris by Fashion
 channel. A huge rotating globe welcomes the public inside the majestic
 space of the Grand Palais to attend the Chanel fashion show. 

 Against the profiles of the five continents school's geography flags 
 have been replaced with the double C logo marking all the Chanel 
 boutiques around the world.

 Countless! The maison celebrates the 100th anniversary of the opening
 of the boutique set up by Mademoiselle Coco in Deauville in 1913 in 
 a truly global and joyful spirit. 

 The success of Chanel knows no boundaries across the world, so
 much so that it has even become a popular name for newborns. 
 At the helm of all this, Karl Lagerfeld controls Chanel's galactic flight 
 with magic and smart savoir-faire that shows no sign of abating.

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