"Chanel" Full Show Spring Summer 2013

Paris by Fashion Channel Spring Summer 2013

 "Chanel" Full Show HD Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Paris 
 by FashionChannel...

 An enchanted forest inhabited by ethereal and melancholic creatures.
 Karl Lagerfeld's dreamy fantasy starts from the forest on the outskirt 
 of the city of Weimar,  in Germany, and reinterprets the style of the 
 heroines of German authors such as Goethe e Schiller.

 The vaguely gothic inspired mood permeates a collection of tweed suits 
 and dresses with low necklines on the front and the back in a play of framed
 shoulders that makes the garments seductive and elegant at the same time. 

For the evening precious fabrics debut on the runway in the shape of long 
sequined gowns with 3D floral embroideries, long feathered column dresses 
and skirts in chiffon layered with tulle that add that romantic touch 
that is much popular among the younger clients of maison Chanel.

"CHANEL" Full Show HD Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Paris by Fashionchannel

 "Chanel" Full Show HD Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Paris 
 by FashionChannel...

 "CHANEL" Full Show Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Paris by Fashion
 channel. A huge rotating globe welcomes the public inside the majestic
 space of the Grand Palais to attend the Chanel fashion show. 

 Against the profiles of the five continents school's geography flags 
 have been replaced with the double C logo marking all the Chanel 
 boutiques around the world.

 Countless! The maison celebrates the 100th anniversary of the opening
 of the boutique set up by Mademoiselle Coco in Deauville in 1913 in 
 a truly global and joyful spirit. 

 The success of Chanel knows no boundaries across the world, so
 much so that it has even become a popular name for newborns. 
 At the helm of all this, Karl Lagerfeld controls Chanel's galactic flight 
 with magic and smart savoir-faire that shows no sign of abating.

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